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Water and Sponge Sensory Play

We as mothers often depend too much on the weather outside and plan our kid’s activities and day accordingly. However, it’s always either too cold, rainy or too hot. We are frightful of the weather regardless. But let’s not be frightful anymore. Let bring the outdoors indoors and have some fun!

Today it was too cold and slushy to go for a walk outdoors. So we stayed in and made use of our garage (Thank God it’s heated) My son loves playing in the water, so we put together some quick and easy sensory play. I am using foam animal and washable paints I got from the dollar store.

He enjoyed pouring the paint, watching and getting excited to see the paint dissolve and changing the color of the water tub, while some of the colors got stuck to the animals surface. Splattering and squeezing and getting his hands elbow deep in the paint. An afternoon spent well. We were both happy in the end 🙂


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