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The art of marbling with a toddler

Have you taught your kids the art of marbling? If you haven’t tried it with your toddler, I highly recommend it. It’s a great snow day activity which will keep them busy for a good one hour.
The amazement in their eyes seeing the colors mix and making patterns in water and then the excitement when they transfer it all on paper.
We made these gift bags this afternoon and enjoyed a lot! Probably the most fun activity we have done in a long time (Minus the mess and the cleanup. I recommend you do it in your garage:)


  1. Take a tub/container which has a broad mouth and can hold water and allow the colors to mix well and make patters.
  2. Fill in less than 1/4 of the container with water.
  3. Let your toddler have some fun and pour in colors in the water. If you are using oil-based colors, you can put them directly in water. I don’t like using anything oil based on little ones cause its hard to get them off anything if stained. I choose water-based colors which I bought from dollorama for a dollar each
  4. Once the colors are added and you are happy with what you see on the surface place the paper sheet carefully on the surface of the liquid (water and paints mixture) let it sit for 2 to 3 min and then gently lift and slide the sheet up.Tip: The only trick is to make sure that your colors stay on the surface for marbling purposes is to use some good quality dishwashing liquid soap and warm water. Let the soap sit in water for about 10 min and then add colors to the water.
    Letting little one add colors to water (we did a sponge painting activity before marbling our gift bags, therefore you see sponge pieces in water. Later we used the same water for marbling)

    Water surface after adding paints

Share your pictures in comments. Would love to see your finished products!

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