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Embracing the Autumn

The glorious summer days are melting into the golden warmth of autumn, a transition that happens every year, but how we dread that change.

The pumpkin spice, everything plaid, the crunchy leaf-loving, the apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, and jumping into a big pile of leaves are just a few reasons for me to love this bright colored season. It’s the time of the year when there is a slight chill in the air, but it’s not cold enough for me to hibernate yet.

However, the season comes and goes in a blink, the next thing you know, chilly winter gusts has robbed the trees of the brilliant sparks of reds and golds, and one hardly gets the chance to enjoy it.

However, this year it is going to be different. I’m not letting the season getaway, and I am making a point to carve time out for getting the best of the autumn! Here are some ways I plan to embrace the season this year.

  1. Get out of the house.

Don’t let the cold autumn chills discourage you. Buddle up and get yourself outdoors and close to nature.

Sitting on your balcony breathing in the fresh air, watching the leaves do their little dance clinging to the branches before they fell and forgotten forever; clearing your head, holding a warm cup of hot chocolate warming up your cold hands and reading a book, all counts as getting out of the house.

Step away from the routine and embrace the weather change.

  1.   Don’t Be Afraid of Autumnal colors and patterns.

Think long-term and create a cozy, rustic aesthetic that does not just last you for fall but right up to the first snowfall of the season. Reds, burnt orange accessories, wicker pieces, plaid and stripe pillows and blankets all gives that cozy autumnal vibe.

  1. Think festive. Add a Pop of Pumpkins.

Brighten your home around this time of year. Think lights, candle décor, and fall foliage. However, if you are anything like our family, we let the big pumpkin décor stay on our front porch and let the small not too overwhelming pumpkins do the job inside without clashing too much with your existing decor and accessories. Placing a couple of small white pumpkins on the mantle, living room coffee table or the entryway table contributes towards the fall spirit.

  1. Taste the seasons’ flavors.

If we indulge (and I mean really go overboard) on ice-creams, lemonades, and Bar-B-Q all summer long then why not try the best of Autumn’s flavors? Bake an apple or pumpkin pie, buy yourself a pumpkin spiced latte or simply try your favorite seasonal treats.

  1. Start an Autumn-inspired book club.

One of the best ideas to get some reading done and carve time out of busy lives for ourselves is to start up or become a part of a book club. Off all the seasons, autumn seems to be especially inspiring for the literary-minded. An ideal start to the weekend would be sipping tea and reading ‘As summer into autumn slips’ by Emily Dickinson.

  1. Get artsy and bring the outside inside.

Can’t spend too much time outside soaking in the sun, no worries. Use the transition as an opportunity and get inspired and creative and bring the outside inside. Collect autumn leaves and turn them into a beautiful piece of art. Go on a quick bug hunt (there are lots of ladybugs in my backyard this time of the season) and bring them back inside (for a while) in your bug catcher. Or create autumn-inspired educational and creative sensory plays for your little ones.

  1. Fill your home with the smell of autumn

Another way to indulge the senses in the fall is to bring the smells of the season home. Baking your favorite loaves of bread/pies/cookies, lighting autumn and cinnamon (smell) infused candle, setting out a dish of dried cloves all help towards creating lovely scents and a welcoming home.

  1. Get your skin ready

Another essential aspect to embracing the changing weather is making sure that you shield your hands from the cold and harsh weather. Why? It is usually our hands that get covered in mitten or gloves the last as it is not cold enough. Scarves, boots and warm sweaters all come first. Keeping a moisturizer in your bag at all times is certainly a good idea.

So get into the seasons’ vibe, warm up your outdoor space, dress up for autumn, deck up your door and welcome the change with a “Happy Fall” wreath.

I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below for how you plan to make the most of this season!



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