3 to 9 Months

Singing Sticks

“We wished upon a shining star and twinkle twinkle here you are!”

It was just yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday with ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ birthday party theme, and today he is singing the poem himself out load and making silly faces while pointing up in the sky to stars.

The joy of watching children grow. As they grow older, their exploits become bolder. Like most kids, my son is ever so interested in singing and dancing. Most of our afternoons are spent on the patio where I would be singing, and he putting up a little performance for me.
My son who is now 28 months is actively participating and singing the poems he loves. This craft/activity was done some time ago when he was still babbling, and I would guess most of his words. It was getting frustrating for him when I would not understand the poem he wanted me to sing along. So we came up with these singing craft sticks.

Writing the poem on each and making a small picture to match made us both happy. We both understood each other. He relates to the picture and me to words.

Here is how you make the singing sticks.

Materials Needed

  • wide craft sticks
  • permanent markers
  • 1 small plastic cup or container
  1. Write the name of each song or rhyme on the appropriate stick.
  2. Draw a picture which relates to the song. (If your kid is old enough let him do the drwing which you can write on the back of the stick. This sparks creativity and ownership)
  3. Place all the sticks in a plastic cup or container.

Tip: These sticks serves as great story telling tools. (ofcourse spontaneous)

Enjoy and tell me in comments what rhymes/songs are yours and your little ones fav.

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