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I’m so glad you are here. I’m Shehneela, the blogger behind Twist on the ordinary. A Canadian immigrant living on the border of western Canada and prairies.

I have a 12 week old kitten and a two year old toddler and they both refuse to eat and sleep. A husband whom I torment until he gives in to help me out on my home improvement/ organizing projects (I can’t hammer a nail right!)

When my son was born I learned the most important lesson of my life in the first three months. Never be complacent and fell into the trap of not being a good enough mommy. I gave up my full time job as a banker and decided to stay home and raise him. I am a digital media strategist and was lucky enough to find a project right away. Since then I have become a juggler. Balancing my life as a mum and working online.

After several years of painting (which I thought was my passion) and working as corporate communication team lead, I discovered I was running in total opposite direction. My little guy made me realize my true passion; teaching (I am ‘almost’ convinced on home schooling). We are all into busy bags, easy DIY’s and simple and practical hands on activities based on learning opportunities. We don’t fret if we miss our afternoon naps. We always have a busy bag ready with us. Our naptime becoming our playtime is our favorite time filled with lots of learning opportunities.

Occasionally I share a healthy recipe/a home organizing tip and product reviews which I/we use in our daily lives. This is my journey of sharing my inspiration and putting a twist on the ordinary.

I love taking pictures and dreaming up big ideas.


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  • So I just discovered your blog and what a pleasant surprise it was. I am forever in awe of people who re-evaluate, re-establish and re-align themselves and you very comfortably fall in that group 😀

  • I am glad you like it. Life changes and so does circumstances. Accepting and adjusting is the first step towards an accomplished life 🙂

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