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7 practical tips to rock at being a Happy Stay at Home Mom

No matter how thrilled you are to stay at home with your kids, adjusting to a 24/7 work shift, juggling the mountain of responsibilities that falls on a Stay at Home Mom’s plate and the discontentment and exhaustion of the monotony of a routine that follows can (will) consume and wear you down.

Whether you fell into the circumstances or consciously chose to be a Stay at Home Mom it is by far the most rewarding gift you can give to yourself and your kids. However, the down side to it is being easily lost in the piles of plastic lego block and heaps of diaper changing. Motherhood can become a lonely road when you stay at home every day, it can be difficult to develop meaningful relationships and have the much needed adult conversations. It is easy to lose yourself in motherhood and fall into the horrid moaning and complaining trap.

Follow these 7 tips (tried and tested) and you too can stay on top of the Stay at Home Mom business and rock it!

Prioritizing your health

Perhaps the most important and widely mentioned too. But how often do you really think and actually understand the power of the phrase “Prioritize yourself.” From the very second you wake up, there is not a single moment when you are not working tirelessly to meet the needs of everyone and everything except yourself.

Eating right and resting up is the key to your well-being here. Often we do not pay attention to our eating habits and would eat on the go. When we do cook we aren’t essentially looking out to cook the foods that are high in vitamins (and the exact quantities) that a women’s body need. The best solution to make sure you are on top of your vitamin game and taking a multivitamin pill every day. When you start your day with the right vitamins you feel a difference in your energy levels. Having said that you need to remember that this is not a one-day thing. It has long term benefits and we should have practices in place where we can reap the benefits on long term basis too.

Feed your SAHM soul

Your mind and soul is equally important as is your physical body. You know you should take care of yourself, set aside time but it feels like a task. Remember that self-care is a conscious effort which does not need to be complicated or time consuming; rather being consistent with self care can go a long way in helping feed your soul.

Becoming a mother changes, you from who you were and the freedom you had to putting yourself and your needs the last. Creating a balance in your responsibilities is the key to a happy SAHM. Finding time away from kids even its just 20 min, once they’re asleep or you wake up early before kids get up to have a peaceful cup of coffee, read a book, flip through a magazine, blogs, anything that does not cause you stress counts as self-care.  Create a space (be it small) that is cheerful and you enjoy.

Nap time is important for both you and your pumpkin.

Naps and bedtimes are non-negotiable. As important as the naps are for your little one they are equally important for you as well. Naps are the utmost energy booster. You need those to reset, refuel and re-energize. When you’re not getting enough sleep it’s almost impossible to be at your best. Nap when your kids nap. I know it’s harder said than done and you would rather finish up folding that pile of laundry or unload the dishwasher.

Time for yourself and to decompress for an hour or two is exactly what will make you greet your kids with a happy state of mind. A happy mother equals to happ kids and happy home.

Get dressed every day!

Get rid of those messy buns and pony tails, cause seriously when was the last time you actually showered and blow dried your hair?  When you start the day off right and get dressed (yoga pants and gym clothes donot count as getting dressed) it makes you feel polished and pulled together. It makes you feel good and feeling good about yourself is all you need to stay positive and get through the day.


Walking the dog, walking with kids, walking on your own or dancing to the blaring music with your kids while preparing dinner, all counts as exercise. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that get you into a positive headspace and have a better perspective on things. The point is to allow yourself to enjoy.

Rock your routine

Structure and predictability in your day’s routine helps with understanding your child’s behavior and needs at a certain time of the day. Mothers who rock at being SAHM have a great routine in place.  A great schedule lets you use your time productively while allowing room for flexibility. Whatever the timeframe, consistent blocks of time each day and week will work in everyone’s favor. Kids love consistency.

Go easy on yourself

Motherhood does not come with a manual. It’s a new territory where guilt creeps in easily. Learning the hard fact that there is no “one size fits all” motherhood is a harsh not easily learned reality. We mother(s) tend to compare ourselves to each other.

Self-praise and self-doubt are other two culprits that contribute to the periods of chaos in motherhood. Understanding and letting go is the key to a happy motherhood. Its ok to not have a spotless and organized house. Letting your kids be kids and letting them run wild, it will only teach them to be happy and independent individuals. Accepting that mistakes are made and you are not a perfect mother and the idea of perfect kids do not exist will give you the breathing space and let you live in the moment.



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