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5-time management tips for busy moms

You get up every morning with high hopes of getting everything done, half your day is gone by, and you still have piles of item un checked on your to-do list. Later in the day exhausted, you end up making another list (either mental or written) and tend to carry on the unfinished tasks to the new list. Let’s face it; we will never have enough hours in the day to complete the tasks we assign ourselves. Our to-do list keeps growing and with it the stress levels too. Life is busy, and we are all struggling with time management. And busy gets a whole new meaning to it when you are a mom, whether staying home or working. Managing the daily workload, keeping your house clean and organized, taking care and spending time with your kids, spouse and yourself and a career to excel at, all requires a tremendous amount of time and management strategies.

Not too long ago I was going through the same-drowning in my to-do list. I had too much on my hands, and every single item on my massive to-do list seemed urgent. Here are my essential time-saving tips which have proven to help me maximize those precious minutes I have. However, no guarantees to eliminate chaos, but no harm in trying these out as well. They worked for me. They might work for you.

  1. Routines: Create routines and system for everyone and everything. Eldest to the youngest, all are your helpers in keeping the house in order which eventually keeps your life in order. Having a routine is essential, you spend less time explaining, delegating and thinking. It helps run the day smoothly when everyone knows the expectations and the expected. Doing the same thing in the same order makes you efficient, and you can get more done.
  2. Prioritize: To make your life simple you need to know what’s a priority and what can wait. If an item has been on your to do list for a long time that means it is simply not important enough. Cross it out. I put 5 or fewer things on the list. If I put more than five, I am setting myself up for a failure and feelings of discontentment start to creep in. Choose wisely when making your list.

Tip: It is important you write down your list (either by hand or use an app) and let your mind relax. As soon as you write down an item you allow the thought to leave your mind, your head becomes clearer and more focused. (Of course, more thoughts appear the second later. But, less clutter guaranteed)

  1. Organize, organize, organize: Number one time-waster to date without an argument has to be looking for lost items. To avoid the mentioned hassle and to stay organized you need to do two things: Consolidate (everything of the same theme go together in one place) and keep everything back in its place after use.  You will realize how much time you will save.

Another way to stay organized is to get good sized baskets and place them in every room for items used frequently and a hassle to put away every day (toys, books, game remotes, etc.)

Always be ready to go. Have a bag packed with essentials and kept by the door, filled with baby gear, snacks, wipes, busy bags, etc.

  1. Use technology in your favour: Pay bills online or set up pre-authorized payments. Order online (take advantage of free delivery and order in bulk) and save yourself from store crowds. Research your item online before you head out for the purchase.

Download apps for creating weekly or monthly menus, grocery lists, or your daily tasks list.

  1. Make extras: This one works for me so well. I create a monthly meal plan and cook on a weekly basis. Whenever I cook, I always double the recipe and freeze the extra. For example, if I plan on to make pasta with meat balls, I would double or triple the meat balls recipe and freeze. After a couple of weeks, I would repeat pasta on the menu, adding freshly made sauce and pasta to the frozen meat balls gives me a fresh meal to serve for dinner.

Making extras also help to stuff yours and your hubby’s lunch box the next day.

Paper plates and plastic utensils are huge time savers when eating something simple. Saves you from loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Hope these tips prove as useful to you as they did to me.


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  • Love this! Some very handy tips and yes! The never ending to do list is too real! I am known for making lists that never get checked off! Very well written

  • nice blog… neat pictures! love it. Read your time management tips. I think I cram a lot in my to-do list. If it is less than 5 , I feel I’m won’t be doing enough. Will work on this.

  • One of the best time management secrets is to leave parental responsibilities at home when you re at work. Similarly, when you walk in the door after work, put on your mommy hat and leave your job responsibilities at the office.

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