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18 Genius Uses of a Lip Balm

Not the most glamorous and only thought about in cold and dry season to fix chapped lips your lip balm is otherwise left alone to roll around the bottom of your bag. Besides the very obvious, did you know there are several other creative ways to make use of an ordinary lip balm? Read more to find how resourceful that lip balm of yours can be.

  1. Moisturize Knees and Elbows- Travelling and forgot your hand cream/lotion? Worry not. Your lip balm works like a charm to moisturize the dry patches on your knees and elbows.
  2. Heal cracked skin- Lip balms are your go to in emergency cases if you have cracked fingertips or heels (cold weather can be merciless) A generous thick layer of lip balm can help lock in the moisture and protect the area.
  3. Minimize hair color mess- A great to keep those accidental hair dye stains in check. Apply a layer of lip balm around your hairline and keep your face clear of staining.
  4. The lasting smoky eye effect- How many times have I wished that I maintain my smoky eye look all through the night cause seriously there is no way of re-touching the smoky eye look. Here is a quick and easy solution to it. Pat a small amount of lip balm on eyelids before putting on shadow and the disappearing act ends right away!
  5. Eyeliner and mascara smudges-Because makeup is oil-based cleaning mascara smudges with water will only ruin your foundation. Put some lip balm on a Q-tip to clean up your smudged eye makeup.
  6. Glowy highlighter- Dab along your cheekbones later in the day to shine up dull skin and look glowy.
  7. Make your eye gloss- Get that dewy look and mix in some lip balm into your eyeshadow and voila you have eye gloss!
  8. Rid the fine lines- Tap a little around your eyes to hydrate and minimize.
  9. Emergency eye cream-This is my absolute favorite. There have been quite a few times when I forgot to pack my night cream, and my lip balm came to rescue. The waxy smooth formula helps with the puffy eyes and under eyes circles keeping it hydrated.
  10. Stray eyebrows- Use it as a brow gel to keep unruly brow hair in place.
  11. Lip balm as a blush- Try a tinted lip balm to make a makeshift blush.
  12. Soothing insect bites- The menthol and camphor found in most medicated lip balms help soothe the itching and burning sensations.
  13. Heal a scorched tongue- Did you know Benzocaine (a topical pain reliever found in some medicated lip balms) helps soothe the mucous membranes if you’ve burned your tongue on a hot cup of coffee.
  14. Superficial skin cuts- Plugging paper or shaving cuts by dabbing a wax-based lip balm helps relieve pain by blocking air from open nerves.
  15. Cuticle cream substitute-Massaging lip balm into your cuticles, especially before bed takes care of cracked or dry cuticles.
  16. Prevent blisters- Weather the strappy and colorful cute summer sandals or comfy ones we have all faced a situation where there is friction created between the shoe and foot and forms blisters, and we can’t change into a different pair right away. Lip balm comes to aid here. Apply a layer of lip balm to minimize friction and avoid a painful blister.
  17. Soothe an irritated nose- Nose blowing is hurtful! Your nose, head, eyes, all your facial muscles especially the skin around your nostrils HURTS! Lip balm can give you fast relief and protect the skin from getting all red, irritated and chapped.
  18. Nipple cream substitute- A friend used her fruity lip balm on her nipples while nursing to prevent chapping, and her baby loved it.



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