There is so much learning involved in this simple activity. Pincer grasp, fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, learning to be patient is a just a few to name.
When I have lots of cooking to do I usually take this one out and let him sit on the countertop and play while I cook and do the dishes.
I have tried it with penne pasta too when he was a little younger since its easier to hold. I have also tried this with straw pieces.
Now that he is older I wanted to make it more challenging and introduced smaller beads.
I tried this activity first when my son was 18 months old. He is now 33 months (MA) and it’s still a hit.
Take some playdough (you can also place the skewers directly into the playdough tub) and stick 2 to 3 bamboo skewers into it. Let your child explore and put beads into the skewers one by one.

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